Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wanna Know Me?

Assalamualaikum and Hello

People called me Amal and most of them thought that my name is Amalina. Too bad. My full name is Amal Nurhidayah binti Mohd Aniza. I was born on 20.11.1994 at Negeri Sembilan and my hometown is at Kota which is between Tampin and Rembau. So, now i am 20 years old. Through my life, I faced a lot of obstacle and mostly facing people with different attitude and characteristics which gave me lesson.

I am a Pure Science student of SMK Dato' Undang Haji Adnan, Kota, Negeri Sembilan. I choose pure science because I love to learn science better than other subject because science its about phenomena. How, when, why, it happen. It is very interesting subject. Lot of things that we can get. Besides that, science have a lot of picture and I am very interested using picture in studying. I can understand better because my advantage is easy to understand something when presented in picture or graph.

When I was 9 years old, my mother was pregnant and she suddenly call me to sit with her in her bedroom. My mother switched on the tv and go to Discovery Chanel. She want me to watch National Geography with her. At that time, the topic is about Pregnancy. How it happen. I saw and egg and a tadpole. The tadpole try to enter the egg. That time i asked my mother and she explain hoe she got a baby in her stomach. It was egg and sperm. Hahahaa.. It was funny and also interesting. I was very excited. I spend a lot of time with my mother. This is the reason why I was interested with Biology better than other subject.

I furthered my study after received my SPM's result an Negeri Sembilan Matriculation. First i was placed in Modul 1 program. Which is I will take Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Oh my God... I hate physics. Before I destroyed my own life I  know that I must do something. Soooo.. I made an application to change my program to Module 3. Praise to Allah. I transfer to Module 3 which I took Science Computer instead of Physics.

After finished my study at matriculation, I studied at UPSI. My mother and I was very happy because I got study for degree in Biology Education. That my classmates. AT11... Lot of sweet memory created with them. I love them.

Lot of different experience I have been through my life as a student. Lot of people I know. I can make a lot of friend while study. Because friends is very important beside our family. With them, we created a lot of memory. Either sweet or bitter.

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